Never Will I Ever…Or Will I?

Call me a square but I might be just one of the last people on earth who hasn’t gotten caught up in this whole Internet “social networking” shuffle.  First it was MySpace and then Facebook.  Or was it Facebook then MySpace?  Goes to show how much I know.  What I don’t know is what the fascination is.  I’ve just never been thrilled about the idea of having all of my personal info out there and so vulnerable.  I know you can monitor who does and who doesn’t get into your account through special settings…but still.  Once you put your stuff out there it is somewhere in cyberspace and someone IS watching.  Anyway, that’s not my biggest turnoff about this web networking revolution.  The truth is, I just try to stay away from the computer when I can.  I’ve seen how so many people get addicted to Facebook or Myspace and I’m not interested (nothing against those of you who are).  When I want to talk to my friends…I’ll call them (or text them).  When I want to share pictures with my friends…I’ll send them.  Have you noticed?  We’re talking to people less and less as these technological savvy luxuries introduce themselves into are lives.  And writing good ‘ole fashioned letters and mailing them…what’s that?  Me personally, I’m on the computer enough for work and the idea of adding more computer time isn’t my idea of fun.  And here’s the funny part, just when I thought I could escape Facebook and MySpace here comes TWITTER!  The thing is…more journalists are twittering and I may have to join the ranks like it or not!



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