Hollani…Your Mic is ON!

Alright.  So, I’ve never understood the whole fascination behind NASCAR.  I mean seriously men and yes women going ‘round and ‘round a track at crazy speeds?  Some might say the same about the athletes who run track but at least the chance of them getting killed is what…non-existent?

Anyhow, after more than two years of living in Southwest Virginia, I think I’m kind of changing my tune about NASCAR.  With the recent spring race at the Martinsville Speedway, I had a chance to interview the headman in charge Mr. Clay Campbell.  Afterward, he decided the interview would only be complete with a spin in his car.  It wasn’t a race car per se but that Lexus went mighty fast!  I think we got up to 80 maybe 85 miles per hour before I told Clay I was about to wet might pants.  Take a listen for yourself.  I forgot to turn the microphone off but oh well, even I got a kick out of my reactions.  So did my photographer Lynn Eller.  As scared as I was, I must admit it was exciting.  But listen here…150-160 mph for me is completely out of the question! To all of you who do it, may the angels be with you.


2 responses to “Hollani…Your Mic is ON!

  1. Hey Miss Wet Pants, I am a avid nascar fan and to see you going around the track and saying all of those FUNNY things makes me laugh out loud . Hang in there if you stay in SWVA we’ll make you a NASCAR FAN

  2. Hollani,
    That’s pretty funny. Thanks for posting it.

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