The Potty Predicament




A few months ago I was reading a former colleagues blog.  She was talking about how hard it is to find a bathroom at times when she’s out “in the field” reporting.

Well guess what girl?   I share your problem especially now that I’ve started drinking more water.   It’s become a daily goal of my to gulp down the tasteless stuff, just one more thing I’m doing to shed a few pounds before summer.

The thing is…I always have to go and sometimes there’s no where to go!  Take for instance yesterday.   I was in Franklin County – in a spot where a bathroom wasn’t even close.   My photog. had to wrap things up quick and gun it to the nearest restroom when I  I just couldn’t take it any more!   I’m usually a big girl and try to go before I leave the t.v. station, but sometimes like a kid who isn’t potty trained yet, one minute you don’t have to go, the next…oops.

A lot of times I luck out and I am in a building or an office or near a fast food joint.   However, let me say, I’m not about to go to anybody’s gas station.   Some public restrooms are just off limits!

Hopefully my body or I should say my bladder will start to adjust to all this water because frankly, it’s getting kind of annoying.


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