Abolishing Black History Month?

blackhistorycollageAn interesting debate has been circulating the pages of newspapers across the country for the past couple weeks.  Is Black history month still relevant to America now that a black man is in the oval office?  I have to admit, I really had to think about that before I gave a yes or no opinion.  Normally, I wouldn’t hesitate to say the idea of abolishing Black history month is ludicrous – but now that the first family is Black, I do see where some critics are coming from.  I see, but I don’t agree.

It’s great that President Obama has made it in life and Oprah and Tiger; however, the fact of the matter is, for every three of them…there are thousands of other African Americans who are still disenfranchised and victims of institutionalized racism daily.  Racism that has been passed down generation after generation.  Yea, yea, yea…Blacks have it hard many of you say but so do Whites and Hispanics. I don’t dispute that.  But it’s only in the last few decades that America has come to publicly acknowledge that the foundation of this country – from the construction of the White House to Monticello – was built because of slave labor.

A whole month – honestly, it is a joke when you look at the vast contributions blacks have made.  But for you pundits out there, is it that big of a deal for those of you who don’t celebrate it?  It’s 28 days for crying out loud – is a month too much to ask for considering African Americans only get a page maybe two in school history books?  Just look at this way, in this economy, a month is free – no cost associated and it’s clearly cheaper than giving all of the descendants of slaves 40 acres and a mule.


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