Stupid or Savvy?

While I was in Washington D.C. last week for President Obama’s inauguration I learned something new from two of my co-workers.  Not only are people speaking in acronyms these days —

“OMG” for “Oh My God”, “LOL” for “Laugh Out Loud”, “SNF” for “So Not Funny” and “NMF” for “Not My Fault” –

The new fad is for people to take one word and abbreviate it altogether.

Example: fab vs. fabulous, obvi vs. obvious, perf vs. perfect, phenom vs. phenomenal

One of the photographers at 7 (Lauren – smile) says she’s very guilty of this though I’ve never heard her. Personally, I think it stupid and somewhat comical.  Savvy?  I think not.  Has our society become so lazy we can’t say the whole one or two syllable word?  Does it really save less time to say fab instead of fabulous?  I understand the importance of abbreviations when you’re text messaging but other than that…give me a break!

Okay. I’m off my soapbox now.


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