I’ve heard countless stories about the civil rights marches and sit-ins of the 60’s, stories about the Attack on Pearl Harbor, the Million Man March in 1995, and the Los Angeles Riots of 1965 and 1992.  The point being, I’ve “heard” about these things.  This week however; I won’t just hear, but I will see history in the making along with millions of others as Barack Obama – the nation’s first black president is sworn into office.

I’m thrilled to be making the trek to Washington, DC along with News7 anchor Keith Humphry.  Our station has been planning our coverage for months.  And now, it’s time to execute that plan.  Pressure yes, but more than that I’m anxious and excited.  This is something my children and their children will read about in history books for years to come and I can proudly tell them…I was there…on the front lines of history!

I hope you’ll join me as I take the journey of a lifetime.  I invite you to tune into my audio and web blogs starting this week!


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